The benefits of transparent ESG reporting

As the world grows more environmentally and socially aware, stakeholders have naturally become increasingly concerned with the impact of the organisations that they buy from, invest in and work with. This growing requirement for accountability means those who report transparently and show ESG performance improvements can also demonstrate their ability to mitigate risk and generate sustainable returns.

It’s becoming the norm for ESG reporting to be included in annual reports, with organisations wanting to assure investors that ESG is at the heart of what they do. Afterall, reporting is an effective way to demonstrate that ESG interests and projects are genuine — not just ‘greenwashing’, or insincere promises.

Interestingly, research indicates that younger generations are drawn to employers that are more socially and environmentally responsible. Failure to adopt a transparent ESG reporting strategy could be dangerous for companies competing for new talent in the job market.

As a byproduct of progress, investment teams are faced with increasing demands for reports from all directions, each requiring personalisation. This takes time, and uses resources that might feel better spent elsewhere.

SI Engage plugs the gap between information and supply. Using the system, fund managers and stewardship service providers can easily access automatically-visualised information. It takes just seconds to generate personalised internal and external impact reports; adding, removing and downloading data in just a few clicks. Additionally, all engagement data, quantitative and qualitative, can be easily exported from the platform for bespoke analysis and reporting.

Once an ESG framework, or core set of metrics is decided internally, SI Engage will advance your organisation towards your goals in a standardised and truly comparable manner. The result? Progress through confident and efficient decision-making.

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