ESG challenges, and how we’ll help you overcome them!

Though navigating environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues throws up obstacles for corporate organisations, it also empowers them to measure within their supply and value chains.

A strong ESG framework reflects commitment toward sustainable growth – and ensuring aligned standards with investors, broader stakeholders, as well as customers, suppliers, and the community.  

SI Engage exists to streamline this process. Outlined are some of the difficulties faced, and how our system can help simplify and strengthen your workflow as demand and expectation grow within the industry.

Finding and implementing the right framework for impact

CDP, CDSB, SASB. There’s no doubt numerous ESG frameworks and acronyms create confusion. It’s challenging for companies to know which to select, knowing implementation will take a considerable amount of time. Once chosen, application, in line with broader industry standards is the next challenge. 

We’re here to help you make best use of your time. With SI Engage you can quickly and easily measure and report on your ESG metrics, identify and act on red flags, and ensure full compliance against ESG regulations and standards.

Transparency = accountability

Today investors, community leaders, and regulators increasingly demand access to insights about the operations of financial organisations and the strategies they plan to employ in the future. Transparent reporting is the start; the end goal is action accountability. Promises can’t resolve this; a holistic approach to reporting can. 

SI Engage’s reporting tools deliver real time data visibility that can be put to immediate use. The most complex data can be turned into meaningful insight, with personalised stakeholder reports easy to generate.

Changing workplace culture

Implementing ESG factors into the operation of a company relies on employee mentality and cooperation. Leaders must maintain a high-value company culture by employing transparent goals, policies, and ESG mission. Employees, investors, and stakeholders should understand the organisation’s values, and why sustainability plays a critical role in its efforts. The more that employees can understand ESG benefits and importance, the more likely they will make the time to advance the company’s sustainability goals. 

SI Engage’s intuitive interface enables anyone to pick up use with ease – no training required. We understand that your time is important, and will hand over the tools you need to do your job most effectively, supporting you along the way.

Sustainable collaboration

Unless companies are in constant contact with both suppliers and clients within their supply and value chain, they can never know their exact ESG targets. Collaboration through a communication channel is required to facilitate open and honest conversations. With SI Engage, everyone from fund managers to stewardship teams can start these in seconds.

Sustainable sustainability

You read that right! Making ESG promises will not suffice. Organisations need to establish a strong employee culture, implement clear policies, and utilise efficient software systems for practising sustainability to become sustainable! Integrating all of these operations will help aid the understanding of value chains, and create a basis for good decision making in the future.

Sustainability is now a priority for many organisations, and those slow to adapt to this new financial landscape will be left behind. It’s the right thing to do, and a smart business move. Be a leader, not a follower. The bar will continue to rise, and companies will be expected to demonstrate improvement rather than simply promise commitment.

Get in touch to find out how our system will advance your data collection, reporting, collaborations and overall performance!

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