Putting stewardship and active engagement at the heart of ESG investment

Introducing SI Engage.

The rise of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) products is being fueled by investors’ desire to do the right thing for communities and the planet. We know that an increasing range of financial, regulatory and sustainability motivations are driving asset owners and investment managers to undertake stewardship. Asset owners worldwide are increasingly requiring their asset managers to be more active on their interactions with investee companies. We recognised the demand for a system that quickly and easily facilitates this ongoing dialogue, and so SI Engage was born.

How it works: Asset managers create engagements with a view to improve a company that is or will be in their portfolio; essentially creating an open record of ESG issues which represent value at risk or potential opportunities for long-term financial performance and impact on the real economy.

This kick-starts a proactive and transparent conversation between investor, engagement service providers and companies more widely. Good engagement identifies relevant ESG issues, sets objectives, tracks results, maps escalation strategies, and incorporates findings into investment decision making. And this is where sustainable value lies.

The solution: In order to reach long-term goals, numerous collaborative interactions take place, supported by documentation, and follow-ups including meetings, emails and suchlike. As part of responsible ownership, proxy voting can be utilised to enable investors to express their voice on key governance and ESG topics.

SI Engage streamlines these processes in order to help investors achieve their goals for greater impact; more meaningful conversations, no duplicated work, investments are value-aligned with ease.

In turn, organisations making demonstrable progress on ESG criteria are viewed as innovative in all areas of business, strengthening trust and legitimacy.

Find out how SI Engage can benefit your processes – if you’re part of the investor ecosystem (ESG and non-ESG) it’s likely our system will work for you!

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