From manual data to automated ESG reporting

In a recent study, KPMG revealed that while a majority of companies are planning to ramp up their ESG investments, nearly half (47%) still rely on spreadsheets for managing their ESG data. This reliance persists even as 90% of respondents aim to increase their investments in dedicated ESG personnel (43%), ESG-specific software (40%), and data management tools (37%).

The persistence of spreadsheet use, despite its limitations, underlines the pressing need for more specialised ESG software solutions like SI Engage. Our platform promises not just enhanced efficiency and accuracy but also robust regulatory compliance.

Stewardship and portfolio engagement tracking

Stewardship and portfolio engagement tracking are pivotal for the integration of sustainability into core business strategies. Managed effectively, these elements are key to transcending mere compliance and achieving genuine sustainability impacts. Take a look at our write up on the limitations of using spreadsheets for this purpose, and how teams can manage funds through automated software solutions most effectively.

KPMG U.S. ESG Leader Rob Fisher said:

“The organisations that view new reporting requirements as more of an expansion of their broader sustainability strategy and who continue to invest in the right people and technology to make progress on that strategy will be better positioned to both realise and communicate the full value sustainability initiatives can bring to their business.”

For more detailed findings, refer to the KPMG survey report.

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