ISSB grants companies extra year for climate-related reporting

In recent news, the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) has granted companies an additional year to focus on climate-related reporting under the new climate disclosure standards. This extension aims to enable companies to concentrate their initial efforts on meeting investor information needs regarding climate change. Informed by investor feedback, the decision emphasises the urgency for disclosures about climate-related risks and opportunities in the current economic landscape. This additional year will allow companies to better understand and address their climate-related exposure, ultimately enabling them to create more resilient and sustainable business models.

ISSB chair Emmanuel Faber said, “The upcoming introduction of the ISSB’s Standards establishing the global baseline is being welcomed by companies urgently looking for tools to meet the information needs of their investors. This transitional relief ensures companies can phase in their approach, initially focusing on the quality of the climate-related information they provide.”

As companies navigate these new reporting standards, SI Engage offers an all-in-one data-capturing system to help fund managers streamline ESG data and reporting processes.

SI Engage: Streamlining ESG data management and reporting

SI Engage is an innovative system designed to centralise ESG and non-ESG data across asset managers’ portfolios, providing a deeper understanding of sustainability-related risks and opportunities. With SI Engage, businesses can plan, track, and report on ESG engagement data quickly and easily. This powerful tool helps companies save time and resources while ensuring accurate, up-to-date information for investors.

With the recent extension granted by the ISSB, SI Engage can support companies in their climate-related reporting efforts by:

  1. Centralising and organising ESG and non-ESG data, simplifying the process of identifying, tracking, and reporting on climate-related risks and opportunities.
  2. Providing real-time access to key performance indicators and sustainability metrics, enabling companies to make informed decisions and respond to emerging trends in a timely manner.
  3. Streamlining the reporting process, ensuring businesses can efficiently communicate their climate-related risks and opportunities to investors.
  4. Facilitating collaboration and information sharing among stakeholders, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.
Harness the power of SI Engage today

As businesses face increasing pressure to address climate-related risks and opportunities, utilising SI Engage can provide the comprehensive data management and reporting solution needed to navigate this complex landscape. Don’t let the ISSB’s extension go to waste – take advantage of this extra time to refine your ESG data management and reporting processes.

Discover the benefits of SI Engage, and learn how this all-in-one data-capturing system can help your company efficiently manage ESG engagement data, seize climate-related opportunities, and create value for investors and the planet. Get in touch!


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