SI Engage’s ESG wish list

Though it’s said of most, the last year really has been turbulent for ESG investing. Huge growth was rapidly followed by a period of existential purpose-questioning; 2022 was the year ESG came of age. Though speed is of the essence, particularly where the environment is concerned, we hope that businesses are taking adequate time to review their paths. Organisations must create opportunity for the right changes, as opposed to jumping on a bandwagon aimlessly driven by reaction to the need for quick change.

A positive start

Though so often our focus directs towards ESG challenges, and in turn how SI Engage’s engagement tracking technology helps overcome these, we’ve decided to lighten the mood by sharing our team’s hopes and dreams for the year ahead:

  1. Greater standardisation and acceptance in the development of a global ESG Regulatory Framework.
  2. More sustainable, efficient and digitised supply chains. Businesses must be aware of ESG credentials throughout their entire supply chain and react accordingly.
  3. Increased pragmatism, as needed to achieve 2030 carbon deadlines.
  4. The energy crisis accelerates movement of capital to lower carbon sources.
  5. The growth of ‘S’: Greater focus on wellbeing = equity; equity = power + choice; power + choice make room for turning focus to other ESG factors.
  6. ESG is integrated into general business practice more holistically.
  7. Greater clarity. More focus on (mandatory, voluntary, and alternative) data, disclosures and ultimately accountability.
  8. Prioritisation of active ownership. It’s vital companies acknowledge that adapting their strategies to include it is important for protecting value.

Continuing our gaze ahead through an optimistic lens, we hope that the UK’s delayed green taxonomy successfully develops, while crucially still aligns with, the EU taxonomy for ease of integration. We also look forward to gaining more insight on the impact upcoming Edinburgh Reform announcements may have on ESG initiatives.

These wishes are entrenched in our purpose of facilitating and logging the engagements needed to enact essential real world change. Contact us if you’d like to develop these conversations across your portfolio companies as part of your sustainability journey.

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