SI Engage’s six steps to engagement centralisation

We met with many investment teams as we developed SI Engage, and found each reported similar barriers to their engagement progress. Below we set out some of the challenges encountered, and demonstrate how our system facilitates a smooth engagement process workflow.

1. Challenges to adequately record, monitor, and evaluate engagement progress

SI Engage allows asset managers to quickly and easily plan, track and report on activity across portfolio companies.

Templates on our intuitive dashboard are used to start conversations with just a few clicks, in as many seconds. Access permissions to each are fully manageable within this collaborative system. Having access to real time data will enable your team to make informed decisions for immediate impact.

Setting and tracking against performance indicators is the key to success. You can both aggregate engagement data over time, and generate stakeholder-specific and fully-customisable reports; both with ease.

2. Consistency in practice across the your asset management firm

Legacy practices are often inefficient, fractured and ultimately substandard. We know that interest and knowledge in engagement will vary across your team. To compound this, time is often at a minimum. As such, commitment to change might be lacking.

With these insights, we have ensured our system provides complete transparency and oversight across your firm. With an intuitive interface, little to no training will be required to start your use of SI Engage. We understand the necessity for full organisational cooperation and fast implementation!

3. Collaboration

Organisations must demonstrate collaboration and information-sharing to stakeholders, but existing data is often fragmented. We found that communication between the increasing number of internal and external stakeholders is ad-hoc.

Coordination and continuity are key. With SI Engage, you can:

  • centralise conversations with our easy-to-use templates, and avoid duplication
  • link proxy voting activity (ISS) to engagements for efficient internal and external collaboration
  • set and monitor targets across your organisation
  • organise metrics and reporting

Organisations making demonstrable progress on ESG criteria through active engagement are viewed as innovative in all areas of business.

4. Generating reports from unstructured information

There is a growing obligation for companies to report to stakeholders. Yet data is often stored in a variety of formats, making information-gathering a time-consuming duty. We’re often told resources could be put to better use.

SI Engage’s cloud-based system provides the tools for simple data input and customisable data output. Import data from a number of sources (we can always add more as per requirements), and create downloadable, stakeholder-specific reports with ease.

In addition, all engagement data can be easily exported from the platform for bespoke analysis and reporting.

5. User experience: making the process as painless as possible

Engagement tracking efforts of the past, often manual and using disconnected tools like Excel and Evernote, are inefficient and in no way conducive to smooth workflow.

With SI Engage you can pinpoint engagement objectives, suggested actions, and track status and progress through KPI’s in one place.

Our system is simple to use, and always evolving to meet requirements.

6. Integrations with existing third party and internal systems

As part of our dedication to reduce workflow disruption, SI Engage integrates with multiple platforms and software, and is fully flexible to accommodate organisational need.

We’re always evolving – get in touch with any questions on how we can advance engagement for your organisation.

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